Bruce Olson is a web applications developer (LAMP stack) and graphic designer who occasionally freelances under the company name brugarts. He is located in the Washington DC suburb of Vienna, VA.
Bruce holds a MS Computer Science degree from Penn State. Click on contact for email and phone.

Web applications

Olson develops web-based apps that can have sophisticated performance requirements and large-scale attributes. These apps are usually LAMP based and utilize object oriented programming methods, cross-domain services integration, large-scale relational databases, user account controls, etc. Yii is my preferred PHP MVC app framework.

This private application is a web-based gas station status monitor. It interfaces through ODBC with a 50-table Access database containing real-time measurements from Veeder-Root gas tank/pump probes.

The application generates a dynamic view of a gas station with graphical representation of sensor status and fuel status.

Other pages on the site dynamically present global alarms and performance reports. There are thousands of lines of javascript, SQL, and PHP code working together to extract the appropriate data and construct the interface. It is a private application and not publicly accessible. is a web-based consumer savings service that is currently in beta release for this MD based startup.

The front-end is developed under the Yii framework. It scales to support thousands of concurrent logins and implements numerous data protection technologies because the app relies on access to consumers credit and debit card accounts.

Olson developed a membership management application for Emmanuel Lutheran Church. In addition to managing the complex relationships inherent to families it also manages church groups, on-line sign up sheets, email communications, and various bulk print jobs.

Websites and mobile

As a website developer, Olson creates dynamic, "responsive", interactive and cross-browser compliant websites. He utilizes a variety of contemporary web-based application development technologies such as: W3C, DOM, AJAX, DHTML, CSS/LESS, javascript, jQuery, PHP, XML/XSLT, JSON, MySQL, Google APIs, Yii, and Wordpress. He normally uses the jqm framework for mobile device support.

The brugarts website uses the Yii PHP framework, Bootstrap, and about 50 lines of javascript and jQuery code.

Bruce is the front-end developer for the website at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. This is a heavily AJAX driven site that features a missing kids search tool.

The Emmanuel Lutheran Church website is based on a Wordpress template developed by brugarts. It features a slideshow option on the homepage. Olson provides a service to customize this template for other churches.

The Fair Trade Winds website is an e-commerce store that is constructed on top of the Volusion e-commerce framework. Brugarts is responsible for the page design and all of the non-commerce related sections. For example, the site contains a slideshow featuring product categories and retrieves Google blogger content to populate the News and Calendar tabs.

The Emmanuel Lutheran Preschool website includes a configurable interactive sliding photo gallery, Google calendar integration, and Google map integration. The photo gallery was developed entirely by brugarts using jQuery and javascript. It is an effecient plugin that optimizes image downloads.

The Ephesians Life Ministries site is based on a Wordpress template developed by brugarts. It features a slideshow option on the homepage.